I was born in 1963 and I live in Košice. Photography became my hobby in high school and I enjoyed it so much that after finishing my studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of the Czech Republic, I worked for 4 years as an editor-photojournalist in local periodicals. I also have several scanned images from black and white negatives from this period.
In In 1990, I started doing business, and that in
I Iiterrupted my active photography for almost 15 years. In the years 2005-2012, I began to devote myself more intensively to my hobby, and at the same time it helped me manage increasing health problems.
I mainly like to photograph people at work, technology and landscapes. I try to photograph everything as I see it, I look for my own views or compositions and I don't copy motifs or photos of other authors.
Since 2012, circumstances lead me to try to turn my hobby into a job. In addition to offering photos from my website, I am trying to find someone willing to sponsor me.
However, it is difficult, because there are many better photographers in Slovakia today. I enjoy photography very much and I believe that especially my photos of people from real life in the countryside have and will have their value in the future. I prefer to photograph this subject, but it requires frequent travel, which is quite costly.
I cannot offer commercial services such as photographing weddings and other events, because unfortunately I cannot guarantee my ability to work on a specific date due to a complicated health condition.
If you like my photos and are willing to support me, you can help me by sponsoring me at
account number (IBAN): SK88 0200 0000 0017 4336 6753
I am very grateful for every, even symbolic financial help, because it allows me to further expand my web-photo gallery with new photos.
If you like my photos or share a critical view of them, please write it in my guest book. Every response is a motivation and a challenge for me.
At this time, I only work from day to day, I can't plan anything. Considering how many health problems I have accumulated after 2020 and the effect it had on my appearance, it is a rarity that I am still alive...
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